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6 Best Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

by Ollny Direct on June 25, 2024

Sharing outdoor spaces on social media after renovating them is rising in popularity. Are you eager to join them and show everyone your outdoor space, but you don't know how or where to start? In this article, we will share with you six brilliant outdoor lighting ideas to illuminate your outdoor space.

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Top Six Outdoor Lighting Ideas

There are a lot of outdoor lighting ideas out there, and we handpicked the best among them for you.

1. Patio Lighting

Create a charming atmosphere on your patio by using patio string lights. Outdoor patio lights are versatile; hang them across your patio in parallel lines if you like simplicity, or style them in a zigzagging manner to create a canopy effect. Outdoor string lights create a cozy and inviting ambiance. They come with dimmable functionality that allows you to control the ambiance of your patio.

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2. Privacy Fence Lighting

You can also decorate your privacy fence and beautify it using outdoor patio lights. For this one, I recommend using LED net lights; they come in a mesh-like design that allows you to simply drape it over the fence and fasten it in place using zip ties, hooks, and adhesive clips. LED net lights give a soft and gentle glow.

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3. Eaves Lighting

Another creative idea is to decorate the house’s eaves with icicle lights. Icicle lights are just the thing if you want to give your patio a whimsical feeling and turn it into a place just out of fairy-tale stories. Icicle lights, just like net LED lights, also give a gentle and soft ambiance. 

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4. Trees Lighting

Tree lighting is my favorite; decorating trees with string lights, net lights, or LED rope lights adds a magical feeling to them. It changes the entire atmosphere of your patio. LED rope lights are one of the best choices for decorating trees. You can wrap them around your trees for a delicate radiance.

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5. Wraparound Porch Lighting

Decorate and renovate your wraparound porch with exterior icicle lights or with cluster fairy lights. Those lights will make your porch look more beautiful and charming. You can drape them from the ceiling or wrap them around the railing. The light they provide is a calm light suitable for reading evenings and dining outdoors.

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6. Party Lighting

If you have an area on your patio in which you can host parties, you can adorn it with backyard string lights. There are lights that are designed specifically for parties. They can be hung, draped, or wrapped around structures. You can choose party lights with an ambiance that suits your personal taste.

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By incorporating those ideas into your patio, wraparound porch, party area, trees, eaves, or privacy fence, you will transform those areas completely. Please do tell us if you find this post on outdoor space decoration helpful. And lastly, if you are not sure which string lights to choose, you are welcome to visit our Ollny website. Our collections are recommended by makeover fans for their diversity and outstanding vibes.

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