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Brand Origin

Home is the warmest place in the world, without a doubt. And home is the best place to share in happiness and joy, with family and friends alike. Decorative lights, in this way, can not only embellish the feeling of home, but also bring spirituality, style, excitement, energy, sensuality, fun, glitz, glamour and gusto! 

When the inspiration for decorative lighting jumped into Sylvia Lin’s mind in 2016, she decided to make this dream come true and so the brand Ollny was born!


Our Team

After five years of in-depth research and drafting, as well as the integration of the best supply chain resources, Ollny formed an extraordinary Research and Development team. Our R&D Team has an average of ten years’ experience in the lighting field! We also have a Team Leader who was a senior engineer in Huawei. The vision and passion of the Production Team in conjunction with senior knowledge at Ollny has produced a thousand kinds of decoration lights with innovative ideas.


Our Products

The Ollny range features a stunning collection, in particular including; Curtain and Net lights, Icicle Inside and outside lights, Tube and String lights, and more!

The functions of our lights have distinctive mode variations, including single-color with 8 flashing modes, two-color with 11 function modes (Select color modes according to different festivities), and RGB multi-color/multi-mode (Additional colors and modes are available, choose according to mood and festival). For various powering methods, our lights can be energized by Adapters, USB Leads, Solar Energy, or Battery Boxes. 


Our Achievements

Ollny has now established a competitive layout in the LED-Lighting product market, and this is due to extensive and continuous market research, product improvement ideas, and developments. Ollny decor lights are loved and trusted by consumers in the European, and American markets. During the Christmas season of 2020, Ollny decor lights managed to help 500,000 families decorate their Christmas trees and rooms. And now in 2021, Ollny has become the most popular brand within the decorative lighting field on


Our Commitment

Ollny strongly believes that great products take precedence over everything. Reliable products are favoured by customers, they trust the brand and remain loyal. Providing our customers with amazing decor lights, in hand with affordable price-points, is Ollny’s everlasting commitment. You may always rely on Ollny for high-quality decorative lights.


Our Values


  1. Keep on innovation.

As the leading brand to create decorative lights equipped with remote control, we stay on the path of creation and idea advancements. We have adopted large chip- lamp beads with higher-spec brightness compared to competitors in the market. Meanwhile, we have also launched our outdoor product line with an advanced IP68 grade, and a stronger build structure. Its usage life goes three-times longer than competitors’. For our future products, innovation will always be the core value of Ollny.


  1. Insist on amazing quality.

We always obey strict inspection standards. All of our lamp’s beads are inspected three times, and all accessories are thoroughly tested before packing. We always put high quality as our priority. Ollny may have progressed slowly, but Ollny will never lapse backwards.


  1. Focus on excellent customer experience.

Besides the various product lines, we also stay on top of promoting useful decoration tips and home decor inspiration. We encourage all of our customers to release their creativity and enjoy the fun while decorating the home. Ollny team also provide timely and professional after-sale service to make every customer feel valued.


Our Partner