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Beat the January Blues and Create a Stunning Winter Snowman!

by Ollny Direct on January 10, 2022

Oh Sugar! Santa forgot to take back the cold weather to the North Pole!

With the fierce cold winds whipping round, decorative lights are a sure way to melt hearts and warm the chestnuts. So, down with melancholy, we need more wonderful winter magic!

Ollny Fairy String lights! Do you have them?

The fairy lights, with a generous 200 LED bulbs, feature a warm-white tint that can indeed be used ALL year round. Every month we’ll always be here to show you lots of fresh, fun and innovative ideas. Here’s a wonderful treat for you today, and it’s even making use of a few Christmas decorations you may still have at hand.  

Winter themed illuminated snowman
Items you will need:

  • 1. Start by winding Ollny 200 LED fairy lights around the smaller wreath, and then continue winding the lights around the larger wreath, making sure to connect the two as shown here. This forms the entire body of your snowman.

  • 2. Next, make a top hat with your black construction paper and scissors,exactly as shown in this quick video tutorial:

  • 3. Glue the top hat to the upper left corner of the snowman’s head. Add a Christmas ribbon, or any other trinkets to the top hat to fancy it up!

  • 4. Continue adding adornments, such as the pine branches, gift bows, buttons, candy, garland, etc. Your snowman will look especially fab when you bling-up the section where the two wreaths meet. Secure everything well.  

  • 5. Now, attach your adhesive hook to the very top of the snowman, and turn on your fairy lights to the warm white setting. Hang your winter snowman at your window, on your wall, or door, and be enthralled.

We hope you enjoy this January winter snowman decoration using Ollny’s fairy string lights. The adaptability of our lights has been proven in a variety of settings, including the classroom, shop displays, weddings, garden parties, and of course the home.  

👉200 LEDs 66ft Warm White String Lights(SY00008)


Next time: We will bring you another creative idea, and we can't wait to show you what we have in store! We wish you an amazing new year!