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Design Your Own Halloween Ghost Scene with Haunting Purple Lights

by Ollny Direct on October 25, 2021

Ollny’s Purple String Lights are an excellent choice for making basic white ghosts into a spooky, gloomy terror! If you’re tired of having boring Halloween displays, this project will undoubtedly amaze all Halloween fans.

Let’s see its effects!

Items You Will Need:
  1. Ollny Halloween Purple String Lights (SKU: B099SB4178)
  2. Self-Adhesive sticky hooks
  3. A single white balloon
  4. One black, and one white, pack of gauze cloth.
  5. Cardboard, pencil, black marker
  6. Double-sided tape
  7. Transparent fishing line

Time required: Create your Halloween Ghost display in under 30 Minutes.

  • 1. Attach self-adhesive hooks onto the walls, having the center at the corner of the room. Going along the length of your available space, hang Ollny's purple string lights onto the hooks. Hang them the entire length but winding them back just a little for more density.

  • Unravel the black gauze cloth, and cut several holes into it. Then drape the soft fabric onto your Ollny lights.

  • To make the menacing bats, draw outlined shapes onto your cardboard with a black marker. Make several of the shown design in various sizes to give it a frightening appearance!
  • Cut out the bat shapes and color them completely black with your marker.

  • Using more cardboard, draw 2 round circles for ghost eyes, and a screaming mouth shape as show here. Cut these shapes out, also making them totally black.

  • To make the ghost's head, inflate the white balloon to the size of a human head, and seal it with a knot.

  • Unfold the white gauze cloth to find its center, then give it a pinch with the balloon’s knot inside.Tie it firmly with your clear fishing line, leaving a long line tail.

  • Use the fishing line tail to hang your ghost high from the wall. Tie each end of the ghost's outstretched arms with 2 additional fishing line strings, then fasten the line ends to either side of your wall.

  • Using double-sided tape, adhere the ghost's eyes and mouth onto the ghost’s head. Then, adhere the cutout bat shapes onto the wall, on both sides of the corner.

Now, the show-stopping spectacle! Activate Ollny’s purple string lights, and marvel at the incredible display! The contrast of the white ghosts floating in the corner, and the scary purple-lit background with eerie flying bats, is sure to be this Halloween’s winner.

This Halloween decoration Ghost display will be perfect for Halloween parties, horror escape games, murder mystery events, the office, or classroom parties.

The wonderful Ollny purple string lights may be found here; (