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DIY a Five-pointed Shooting Star Display

by Ollny Direct on November 27, 2021

We're here with another jaw-dropping stunner for your holiday decorations this year.
Using Ollny LED String lights with only a few common household items will have everyone staring up in awe, and your efforts will be very much appreciated!

Items You Will Need:

Tips : If you don't have rolls of wire, you may use three wire hangers for the thicker choice, and bread ties or strong string for the thinner one.

  • 1. For the 5-point star, let’s start by crafting it with the thicker wire. You may find the best method to make the star in this short YouTube video.

    And now, starting at one end of your thicker wire, measure a length of 18 inches. At this point, take your round-nose pliers and bend the wire at an 144-degree angle. From this bend measure along again- 18 inches, then bend just the same as the first time. Repeat this process twice more, and you should have a five-pointed star. Yay!(👉Learn how to make here)

    Clip the wire, however, leave a short tail long enough to bend around the starting end, to close the star off. Tightly twist each end together with your pliers.

  • 2. Using you thinner wire, cut five separate 2-inch pieces. These are used to sturdy the big star; twist them at the inner corners of the star as shown here. When finished, grab hold of your pack of Ollny 100 LED Fairy Lights!

  • 3. Wrap your Ollny Fairy lights around the star until the length of your lights is complete. Let the USB plug hang down from the bottom mid-fold of the star. The bottom of the shooting star has the USB lead in the center so that you can recharge your lights easier if need be.

  • 4. Now is the time to apply the adhesive hooks to the ceiling where you want your giant star to hang. If one hook isn't enough, combine it with another. You can now hang your 5-point star on this hook while the USB lead hangs downward beneath.

  • 5. Cut a 4-inch strip of your thick iron wire, and bend it into the shape of a hook, as seen here. Place this hook onto your 5-point star, over the dangling USB wire.
  • 6. Adhere three (3) sticky hooks in a vertical line, six inches apart on a wall across the room from your star. These hooks will hold your shooting star's streamer-lines, so get your second set of Ollny 200 LED string lights at the ready. Ooh, exciting!

    The awesome hues of blue and warm white from the 200 LEDs will trail your star’s race across the sky! It will be an excellent match for the many vivid colors that the star can make.

  • 7. Connecting your 200 LED lights into the nearest available plug socket. Unravel the lights as you lead it now upward toward the highest adhesive hook on the wall. Hang it on the hook, and now stream your line across the room to your hanging star.

    Drape the streaming line over the hanging hook at the bottom of your star, where the USB lead is, and now run the line back to the wall of hooks.

  • 8. Place the lights onto the middle adhesive hook and head back across the room to your star. Hang the light wire onto the star’s bottom hook once more, but this time wrap the dangling USB wire around the stream going back toward the wall again to have it blend in and not stick out.
  • 9. At the 3rd and final wall hook, hang the steam onto it, and if you have a little more length of the light stream, double back to the star, but twist the lights around the final stream to finish it out.
  • 10. Turn on both sets of your Ollny LED lights and watch your Five-pointed Shooting Star Display come to life! Be the first one to make a special wish. You deserve it!

The five-pointed star is a popular Christmas symbol with various meanings, ranging from the reference to the star of Bethlehem that guided three wise men to infant Jesus, to the five wounds received by Christ on the cross, to the great starry night sky as Santa Clause delivers those Amazon parcels, to the symbol of the shining hope for humanity.
Let’s let our light shine brightly for any of the various meanings, be they traditional or contemporary. You’re guaranteed to have everyone wishing upon your amazing display!

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Happy Holidays from your Ollny family!