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How to Decorate Your Curtains for Thanksgiving Week Festivities

by Ollny Direct on October 29, 2021

This year, setting up Thanksgiving decorations seems to be especially important, because now more than ever is the perfect time to show our grateful hearts to family, friends, neighbors and community.

By transforming ordinary fall décor into something outstanding for Thanksgiving, we can cast a warm glow, light a few hearts, and spark curiosity with this autumnal DIY project. And you can finish your curtain lights in less than 30 minutes.

To decorate your curtains this Thanksgiving with Ollny Curtain Lights, Items you will need:
  1. Ollny 300 LED Warm White Curtain Lights (SKU: B07RFP8CR5)
  2. 10 equal strands of real fall leaves attached to string (or strung fabric craft leaves).
  3. Self-adhesive wall hooks, and double-sided tape
  4. Small plastic pumpkins and dried harvest fruits. You can add or replace these with pinecones, silk orange and brown flowers, or other fall foliage.

  • 1. Adhere your adhesive wall hooks a few inches above your window or curtain, but only a short distance above so to keep your lights from tucking behind out of view.

  • 2. Unfold Ollny’s Curtain Light’s along the main line of power cord, and leave the branches still folded as arrived. Now place the main line of cord upon the wall hooks, checking that the end plug can reach the nearest power socket.  

  • 3. Once this placement is just right, start to unfold the long string-branches of lights, allowing them to naturally cascade downward over the window.  

  • 4. On the far left side, begin attaching your first string of fall leaves from the top of the first strand of hanging branch-lights. Use double-sided tape to attach as needed. Then, begin to twist the leaves and branch of lights, loosely together 2 or 3 time.

  • 5. Continue in this manner with every other branch of lights, until you reach the far right side. Afterwards, drape your final strand of fall leaves along the very top of the main line of Ollny’s lights, using the hooks as well.

  • 6. Now, let us put the remainder of the decorations to use! Grab your small plastic pumpkins, dried fruits, acorns, pinecones, etc., and with your tape, secure these small items to the same strands of lights/leaves that you’d wound together previously.

Enjoy the lovely spectacle by turning on your Ollny Curtain Lights. Simply gorgeous! The fall colors certainly come to life, making the leaves and harvest bring warmth to the heart. This Thanksgiving Day themed window décor will look magnificent from the outside of your home, as well as the inside of your living room or dining room.

Did you know that with the remote control, your curtain lights will have 8 different twinkle modes, and 4 different levels of brightness? And there's no need to evoke them in the midst of the hustle and bustle, because Ollny Curtain lights even have timer settings for your added convenience. Enjoy the Holiday Season!   

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