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How to Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows

by Ollny Direct on November 03, 2023

Believe it or not, windows are crucial resources you will need for setting up twinkling Christmas lights this season. However, setting up these blinking Christmas lights correctly will require more effort and skill than you might have expected.

It might seem hard initially, but we have prepared this guide into a simple process that will make things easy. With the proper steps, you will have quality lights for your windows that will make a lasting impression this Christmas season.

Items Required

  • Christmas lights
  • Tape measure
  • Hooks
  • Ladder or step stool

    1. Measure and Plan

    Your first step is to measure and plan the specific platforms or space to set up the lights. We recommend you measure the length and width of each window so your light set-up is crucial.

    Remember to use the right metrics and stick to them. If its feet (ft) or meters (m), ensure you stick to a single metric for convenience.

    It helps you map out the specific positions for setting the light. Doing this also helps ensure you get the most ambient results and quality from your twinkling Christmas lights.

    2. Determine the Outlet

    You must also determine the electrical power outlet needed for this process. One crucial step you must consider is to ensure all connections are weatherproof and safe.

    Do this ahead of time to avoid any hustles of having to make adjustments to your lighting setup later. The outlet should also have the correct power rating to support the number or type of lights you want to set up.

    3. Check the Lights

    The inspection step is crucial when setting up blinking Christmas lights around windows. You must ensure the safety of your lights by evaluating them for any damage or issues like frayed wires.

    Ensure that these remote control fairy lights are also fully functional for the best results. You will have to check these lights physically for any complications or the ambient quality. Luckily, this step is easy, you might only need the step stool. Ensure the low-voltage Christmas lights you will use are working well.

    4. Attach the Hooks or Clips

    The hooks and clips are essential resources. Why? You will use these tools to secure your lights to the windows safely. We recommend you attach these components securely, which are relevant to your window type.

    Attaching the hooks or clips requires a preplanning process to ensure the best results. Remember to attach these hooks or clips so they provide longevity. The hooks should also be free from exposure like rainy weather or human traffic.

    5. Hang up the Lights

    The final step is to start from the bottom section of each window and move upwards for the best results. If using several light strings, ensure that each strand is tight for the best results. Why should they be tight?

    Well, it helps ensure the lights provide a snug fit to the wall, making it safe from damage. It also helps ensure the Christmas window lights look appealing and give value to your property's quality and structure.

    Setting up resources like Christmas lights around platforms like windows is an exceptional technique for celebrating the holiday. Setting up these lights correctly is crucial to the quality of your results. Visit the Ollny store to gain access to more products and information on quality lights.