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How to Install Outdoor String Lights

by Ollny Direct on June 19, 2024


Outdoor string lights are a great way to make your outdoor space look cozy and inviting, as well as allowing you to spend more time outside even when it gets dark. Whether you have a garden, patio or balcony, outdoor string lights are the best way to transform whatever outdoor space you have, and can be installed in a range of different aesthetic ways in different styles. This guide will talk you through how to install your own outdoor string lights, so read on to find out how you can make your outside space glow.

The first step is to prepare and assemble the tools you will need to easily install your backyard string lights, the list below contains everything you will need to get started.

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You will Need:


1. Test Your Lights

One thing that you should do before installing led string lights is ensure that they are working properly. This prevents you installing them and then realizing that one of the bulbs isn’t working or there is a loose connection somewhere. Plug them into a wall and switch them on to check that every bulb lights up properly and you do not have to tweak or replace any of the bulbs before you begin putting them up.

2. Locate an Appropriate Power Source

Next, decide where you want to place your backyard string lights and choose the closet outdoor outlet that you can plug them into. If one isn’t nearby, consider using a waterproof extension cord to reach the area you want to hang the outdoor lights.

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3. Install Screw Hooks

Using your ladder or step tool, the next step is to mark the spots that you want to hang your outdoor lights with a pencil or marker. Drill pilot holes at those spots and screw in the hooks, ensuring they are secured firmly in the area and can support the weight of the string lights.

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4. Hang the Lights

Begin hanging the string lights by attaching one end of the outdoor string lights to the first hook you just installed, and then thread all the rest of the lights along the hooks until you reach the end. It is important that they are evenly spaced and taut so that they look even and hang nicely.  You can use zip or twist ties to secure the lights to the hooks, making sure that they stay in place even if it is windy or rainy. Choosing weatherproof string lights means that they will withstand adverse weather conditions and can be left installed all year round.

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5. Light Them Up

Once you are happy with the way the exterior string lights are installed, switch them on and enjoy the warm, cozy and inviting ambience they have created in your backyard space, either on your own, or invite friends and family over to sit and enjoy them with you.

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Led patio string lights are the ideal way to create an inviting and cozy outdoor space that can be enjoyed all year round. We hope that this guide has helped you to learn how to install your own patio string lights in an easy and simple way, and that you enjoy making the most of them in your outdoor space. If you are looking for more inspiration and ideas on the types of outdoor and weatherproof string lights that you can install in your backyard, visit our website to see our selection of outdoor patio lights and choose your favorites.

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