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How to Put up Christmas Lights on a House

by Ollny Direct on December 15, 2023

The Christmas season is exceptional for being one of the best moments of the year. However, there is more to celebrating this holiday season than the average person might expect. You have to consider resources like Christmas fairy lights, which create a unique ambiance in almost any setting. In this blog, we take a look at how to hang these lights safely, and beautifully.

Required Items

1. Ladder
2. Christmas lights
3. Clips
4. Hooks
5. Tape Measures

The Steps

1. Perform the Measurements

Always start with the measurements when it comes to setting up resources like Christmas vacation lights. The first reason is because these measurements will guide the specific place you set them. It will also help ensure that you use the lighting resources efficiently.

You may also need resources like a pen and a notebook to take down these measurements. A tape measure can also be helpful for this process. Remember to start by envisioning the lighting set up process first, before you take the measurements in.

2. Plan the Design

Planning is a crucial aspect of any successful project, and setting up Christmas lights is no exception. You must use a plan because it helps you pick the best possible structure and set up for your lighting needs.

You can sketch out ideas, and the specific lighting effects that you may want to achieve. Ensure you also check out examples of other successful lighting projects to help act as an inspiration. Remember to create a detailed plan that includes all power sources, tools and appliances.

3. Decide the Specific Areas that Require Decoration

With the right plan for deciding where to hang up these twinkling Christmas lights, this process will be easy. You must pick the top priority positions that will work best for the lighting setup. You have many options including the roofs, pergola, patio, the doors and many more.

4. Prepare the Lights

Once you have prepared the design and the lighting set up, move on to prepare your lights. Evaluate all the blinking Christmas lights that you will need for the lighting set up process as required. If you come across any defects, try and get your led fairy lights replaced as soon as possible.

Be keen when checking the lights, to ensure you don’t miss any defects or complications that will raise issues in future. Fortunately, Ollny provides various types of remote control Christmas lights that you guarantee value.

5. Attach the Hooks

While this step seems complex, it’s easy when you have the right resources and steps required for success. Attaching the hooks securely to the positions that you had selected earlier for the lighting.

Ensure you set them up in such a way so that they can support the weight of your lights. We recommend you set a space of two clips averaging at 30-50cms. Doing this will help provide optimal stability for your lighting components and resources.
Note: Pick a sturdy ladder and ensure you get someone to help you with this process.

6. Hang up the Lights

The final step involves hanging up the Christmas fairy lights to your preferred surface or structure. Ensure you hand these lights up correctly, and that the hooks are also stable. Once you set up one clip, set up the lights careful on them, and double check them for stability.

And that’s pretty much it. Your Christmas lights should be ready for use!

You have done a good job to research more about setting up twinkling Christmas lights correctly. As you have seen above, setting them up is easy, only when you have the right resources and steps. We recommend you check out the Ollny brand for more information and lighting products for your Christmas.

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