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How to Set up Outdoor String Lights Using Copper Pipes

by Ollny Direct on June 13, 2024

If you are planning on illuminating your patio or backyard, then string lights are the way to go. Outdoor LED string lights produce a soft glow that gives the whole area a sense of coziness and comfort, turning it into a beautiful retreat, a place in which you can host different activities.

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There are a lot of methods for hanging string that vary from using poles, posts, wires, and cables to using trees and structures for stringing. In this article, we will show you how to create outdoor ambience using copper pipes and patio string lights.

1. Gather the supplies

The first step in every procedure is to obtain the materials that are needed to achieve the final result. For this, you will need the following supplies:

  • Copper pipes: the size of the pipes (length and diameter) will depend on your space.
  • Patio string lights: not all string lights are suitable for outdoor use, you need to choose ones that are specifically designed for outdoor use.
  • Electrical wire.
  • Friction tape: to fix the copper pipes into place.
  • Copper push elbows.
  • Copper push tee: to create junctions.
  • EMT straps.
  • Small metal and plastic splices: to join the wires.
  • Plastic electrical tape.

2. Set up the copper pipes

The next thing you need to do after you gather your supplies is setting up the copper pipes. When installing yard string lights around corners or bends in your outdoor area, it's essential to ensure that the angle of your elbow connector matches the angle of the corner where the lights will be installed. In order to do that, you need to first connect the push elbow to the copper pipe.

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3. Mount the copper pipes to the deck

The best area to place copper pipes is on the backside of the upper rail. Wrap the area of the pipe where it will make contact with the mounting surface with friction tape. This will provide grip and prevent slipping.

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4. Prepare the patio string lights

To customize the length of the light to a specific area, you would need to cut the ends of all the backyard string lights and connect them together with wire.

  • Carefully cut off the ends of the outdoor string lights where they are terminated.
  • Make sure to cut cleanly and evenly to avoid damaging the wires or bulbs. After cutting the ends, you'll see exposed wires at each cut end.
  • Use wire strippers to remove a small amount of insulation from the ends of each wire, exposing the bare copper underneath. This will allow you to connect the wires securely.

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5. Connect the exterior string lights through the copper elbows

Thread the outdoor string lights through one end of the copper elbow. Once the string lights have been threaded through one copper elbow, cross them over to the adjacent elbow at the desired angle. You will repeat this until all the strings are connected.

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6. Check your work

Inspect the overall appearance and confirm that all connections are tight and all splices are well-protected with shrink tubing and tape. Verify the stability of the copper pipes and make sure all the strings are mounted well and secured. Make sure that there is no obstruction, such as tree branches or furniture. Then test the light bulbs to see if all of them are working. After that, you can turn on your LED string lights and enjoy a beautiful night on your patio or backyard.

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