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How to Use Fairy String Lights with Rattan Balls

by Ollny Direct on November 20, 2021

Purchase yourself a set of Ollny Fairy Twinkle Globe lights, with 100 LEDs. We’re going to use them paired with rattan balls in bright and lovely colors! Come release your creativity with this fantastic project that can decorate any space, for any reason.

Rattan Balls are super gorgeous! Have you seen these popular, natural decorations? They’re created with natural rattan wood, woven together and dried into various shapes.

In an earlier blog post, we showed you how to make Paper Cup String Lights using Ollny’s Fairy Globe Twinkle lights. Well, here you’ll use the same concept, but in a totally unique style.

The outcome will be so beautiful and rustic, but the bright and colorful Ollny bulbs inside of the decorative wicker balls really make a wonderful illumination.  Let’s proceed!

Items You Will Need:

  • 1. On your first single rattan ball, look for a gap to use. With your finger, move the twigs aside to create a hole, approximately 1 to 1.5 cm in diameter.
  • 2. Grab your Ollny string lights and gently place a single crystal bulb into the opening created in the rattan wicker ball. Adjust as needed.(TIP: If you're using very large rattan balls, construct a larger hole to insert 2 or 3 globe lights inside, then secure it by shifting it around or bridging with tiny pieces of twig.)

  • 3. Continue filling the wicker balls until you have a lengthy string of completed, decorated string lights! The warm white color or 4 color combinations are going to look amazing when you switch the setting on.
  • 4. Turn on your lights!  The bubble crystal bulbs look so vibrant! If you wish, you have the option to adjust the brightness levels to dimming at 100%,75%, 50%, 25%).  There are so many ways you can now use your creation.

Place the entire strand inside a basket for a wholesome, artisan look and style. More items can be added to your basket, such as fruits, nuts, pom-poms or seashells.

Hang your Fairy String Lights across a wall, ceiling, bookshelf, poster-bed frame, and keep going with ideas.  

Watch your twinkle lights dance, and have them strung outside, because our OLLNY fairy Globe Lights are waterproof. They are IP44 waterproof rated, and UL certified. Great for weddings, Christmas decorations, Christmas tree décor, garden pathways, fencing, hedging, patio and balcony adornment! With Ollny, the possibilities are endless!👉(