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Let’s Create a Thanksgiving Party Banner

by Ollny Direct on November 16, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Month Everyone! There’s just something about Thanksgiving, right? If you can think of one, or two ways you might have dodged a bullet during 2021, then dude, you need to give thanks! Blessed or lucky, it does not matter, let’s just celebrate!

We can DIY appreciative sentiments with Thanksgiving décor, but not having lights up for Thanksgiving is so BC*(before Covid). If we have friends and family to appreciate all the more, we can set trends in showing the attitude of gratitude! 

Below is a fun and easy project to create, and you could style this scene to impress, in 15 minutes or less.

Creating a Thanksgiving Banner with Lights
The Items You’ll Need:

(Tip: You can search for and download for free many Thanksgiving cutouts from reputable crafting-with-children websites.)

Steps and Instructions:
  • 1. Securely attach one end of Ollny's String Lights to one side of a wall, and the middle of the strand of lights to an adjacent wall. Now, double back and secure the finishing end slightly below the first, leading the non-bulbed portion towards your socket.

  • 2. Using the clips, fasten the greeting cards to the upper strand of lights, spacing them out as shown below.

  • 3. Start to hang your THANKS GIVING letters, and decorative pictures to Ollny’s second strand of lights underneath the strand of cards.

  • 4. At your party or family gathering, ask everyone to unclip a card from the top strand, and write inside what they are thankful for this year. Afterwards, have them all replace the cards back onto the display. Under the warm, decorative white lights, what an incredible, inclusive, fun and heartwarming scene.

You have all created a beautiful display, however, most importantly; you’ll be creating a lovely, unforgettable memory. Thank you, because Ollny is very grateful to be a part of it.

Find Ollny’s decorative lights used in this project here:, and all of Ollny brilliant lighting ideas on
Light up the joy of life!