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Making Handmade Christmas Trees with the Children

by Ollny Direct on November 18, 2021

Christmas crafting is a fantastic way to engross the children in creating Christmas joy. While making this Christmas tree using Ollny twinkling lights, you can priorities family, celebrate tradition, create new memories, and have fun indoors.

The finished LED Lit trees will surprise you once you see how awesome they look. They'll also make excellent Christmas presents for relatives and friends.

Christmas is soon approaching, so let's get started.

Items You Will Need:
  • Ollny 100LED Fairy Lights (SKU: B08KPNJW3D)
  • One piece of 8x8 inch white cardboard
  • Two pieces of 16x16 inch white cardboard
  • A cardboard tube in 18inch length and 4cm diameter
  • Several small Christmas ornaments
  • A utility knife, scissors, compass, glue and tape

  • 1. Click the link (here) to learn how to draw a perfect spiral. On the first 16”x16” white cardboard, draw a spiral using the compass at a 3cm pitch. When completed, use your scissors to cut along the line of the entire spiral. 

  • 2. On the second 16’’x16’’ white cardboard, Draw a circle with a diameter of 24cm and cut it out to obtain a round circle. This will form the base of your tree.  

  • 3. On the smaller square of white cardboard at 8x8 inches, draw a five-pointed star with a side length of 12cm. Then cut out the star. 

  • 4. Pick up your tube of cardboard and with your utility knife, carefully make two short slits at either side of the top of your tube, as shown. At the bottom of your tube, apply glue and adhere it to the center of the circle base cardboard you’d cut out earlier in step 2. You've finished building the tree's support structure. Exciting!

  • 5 Now’s the time to use Ollny Fairy lights, you can even turn them on as you’re working with them, for added fun.
    Untangle your lights, leaving the USB end on the table, and begin winding the opposite end around the spiral cardboard's outside edge, securing it with transparent tape.
    Start at the middle of the spiral and work your way around and outwards until you reach the spiral's wider base.
  • 6. Directly onto the top of the cardboard tube, place the middle of the spiral cardboard.
    After being attached to the foundation, the tube should stand on its own; therefore loosen the spiral downwards to form the tree shape naturally.
    You'll find that the top doesn't quite fit onto the tube, so create a little gap at the inner border of the spiral so that the cardboard may pass through.
    The spiral is held in place by the two rectangles bonded to the tube's sides, but it can also be taped or glued on for further stability.
  • 7. Insert the five-pointed star into the little openings at the top of the paper tube, then begin hanging your small Christmas ornaments on the spiral cardboard as you wish.

We think the children will love this craft, all while it engages them in math, how to use the compass, how to follow step-by-step instructions, and it highlights the value of family time

No doubt, they will want to create additional Christmas trees using Ollny Fairy Lights. The additional trees can be used to decorate dining tables, bedside tables, desks, windowsills, and worktops. The eye-catching colors of the brilliant lights will surely draw attention, and the youngsters will be so proud of their accomplishment. Fun for all. Have a wonderful Christmas season!