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Using Ollny Led Lights for a Diy Micro-Landscape

by Ollny Direct on December 08, 2021

Ollny LED Fairy Lights offer a magical touch to micro landscaping. The Christmas decoration we’ll show you today is just the beginning of the many ways our LED lights can be used for landscapes!
What exactly is micro landscaping? Many professional Photographers are familiar with it. Artists, hobbyists, artisans, Instagrammers, and now you -will just love it! With the idea of using LED lights to create one, you'll be bubbling with ideas to fashion a gorgeous landscape now.

Perhaps you've seen a micro-landscape created in a plant pot with moss and miniature fairies, or a scaled model railway set with tiny trees and mountains as the backscene. Perhaps you’ve seen the world-renowned Bloomingdales shop windows in NYC! At Christmas, tourists visit from far and wide to view their Christmas window displays that feature micro-to-largescale landscapes and, of course, Santa Claus. 

Brilliant lighting is required to bring all of these stunning sets to life! So Grab a set of Ollny Fairy Lights, and bring your magical Christmas landscape to life too.  Your creations would also make excellent Christmas gifts. With the promo code "XMAS," you can save 15% off any fairy lights with Ollny and get free shipping on orders over $39.99.

Make your DIY Micro-Landscape using Ollny LED Lights

Items you will need:
  • Ollny 100 LED 16 Color-Changing Fairy Lights (B08G3Z3CVN)
  • An empty fish bowl/tank or glass globe of any size
  • Five ounces or more of simulated snowflakes (enough to completely cover the bottom of your glass bowl)
  • Small ornaments such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeers, houses, a sleigh, etc.

  • 1. Start by placing your artificial snowflakes into the empty fish bowl, covering the bottom 1.5 inches.

  • 2. Using the end of your LED fairy lights without the USB connection, began to rotate the wire 2 to 3 times along the inside glass of your fish bowl.

  • 3. Add your small Christmas ornaments onto the snow and push down to stabilize as needed. Now turn on your pretty lights. Enjoy trying all the many features with your included remote control.
      • Tip: Any excess fairy lights that not utilized in the bowl may be used to decorate a vase on your desktop, your mantle, a wall painting, or other DIY landscapes. Your imagination may arise even more creative ideas!

    • 4. Challenge: Snap photos of your awesome creation! Use your mobile phone to focus in close to a single object, blurring the background if possible, and snap! Your micro-landscape Christmas photographs would be great as text greetings to relatives and friends during this holiday season.

      • Tip: To create different types of micro-landscapes with Ollny lights, find small items in toy, craft, and pet stores for terrarium items, plastic Legos, model train and doll miniatures, 12th scale figures, plastic farm animals, and more.

      Please, let us know how it goes in the comments.

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      Happy Christmas from Ollny!