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Corporate Purchase

Maximize savings for your corporate purchases with our exclusive bulk order program in partnership with Ollny.

For Any Situation:

Looking for new products to sell, lights to bring your event to the next level, or one-of-a-kind gifts for your employees or partners? Ollny has you covered!

  • For Businesses
  • For Dealers
  • For Events
  • For Gifts

How to Proceed:

The four easy steps below will help you figure out the process.

1. Fill out the Contact Form

Please copy the SKU of your desired products and complete the contact form below. Ollny usually respond within 24 hours.

2. Negotiate the Quotation

Ollny will provide the quotation according to your quantities within 3 working days, making your purchases more cost-effective.

3. Place the Order

You will place the corporate order via our website or pay via agreed payments.

4. Delivery and Acceptance

Ollny will deliver the goods according to the agreed delivery date and quantity stated. You will inspect the goods upon arrival.




1. Q: How to copy the SKU?

A: Click on our product page and copy the corresponding SKU located above the product title.

2. Q: How to fill out the form if there are more products to purchase?

A: You can provide any additional details and information for the order in the last textbox.

3. Q: Which countries' Corporate Purchases do you support?

A: Currently, only supports corporate purchases within the United Kingdom.

4. Q: Is reselling Ollny's products authorized/supported?

A: Yes, Ollny authorizes and supports the resale of products purchased through Corporate Purchase. However, we do not support the unauthorized resale of any Ollny products.