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Influencers Program

Unlock your potential and join the Ollny Influencer Program. Let's unleash our creativity, ignite new ideas together. Join us now!

How We Cooperate

The four different ways below will help you understand how to cooperate with Ollny to unleash your creativity.

1. Product Reviews

We welcome influencers to review our products and provide their honest feedback and opinions to their audience.

2. Giveaway Sponsorship

We offer opportunities for influencers to host giveaways of our products, helping to increase brand awareness and engagement.

3. Brand Content Creation

We collaborate with influencers to create branded content, such as sponsored posts or videos, that promote our products in an authentic and creative way.

4. Help Ollny to Sell

As an influencer, you can help Ollny sell through affiliate marketing and earn a commission of 6% - 10%. ➡️ Ollny's Affiliate Program

Ollny Social Channels

You can click to explore our social channels to discover more about our brand and creativity


1. How to copy the SKU?

Click on our product page and copy the corresponding SKU located above the product title

2. How to fill out the form if there are more products to select?

You can provide any additional details and information for the order in the last textbox.

3. How soon will my application be handled?

Ollny will handle your application within 3 working days. Thank you for your patience.