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How to Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

by Ollny Direct on November 09, 2023

Everyone loves the twinkle that comes from celebrations led Christmas lights wrapped around a Christmas tree during the holiday season. This year, when decorating your tree, we want you to consider the following three ways of putting lights on a Christmas tree: Vertically Hanging, Horizontally Hanging, and Branch Wrapping.

Each of these three techniques offers its own aesthetic and individuality. Let’s dive in and learn more about lighting up your Christmas tree this year!

Method 1: Hanging String Lights Vertically

The first way you can choose to hang your string lights is in a vertical fashion. With this method, you can choose to hang your lights in a straight, vertical line; however, we suggest a more natural, wavy look.

Here is a quick guide to hanging your string lights vertically:

1. Start at the Top: Begin your vertical illumination journey at the top of the tree. Keep in mind that this is your anchor point for a graceful descent of twinkling Christmas tree lights.

2. Wave or "S" Shape: As you work your way down, consider placing the lights in a gentle wave or "S" shape. This not only looks more natural but also provides broader coverage.

3. Branch Camouflage: Use the tree's branches to conceal the string lights. Position the lights towards the branches, allowing them to hide the wires.

4. Top-to-Bottom Wrapping: Continue wrapping the lights from top to bottom, ensuring that every inch of the tree is flooded with a warm, festive glow.

    Method 2: Hanging Tree Lights Horizontally

    Our second technique suggestion is to hang your twinkling Christmas lights horizontally on your Christmas tree. Again, we recommend that you place them in a wave-like pattern to help the lights blend in more naturally and add depth to your tree.

    Here is a quick look at hanging your Christmas lights horizontally:

    1. Base to Branch: Begin at the base of the tree for a horizontal lighting adventure. Select a sturdy branch as your starting point.

    2. Wave or "S" Shape: Similar to the vertical method, create a wave or "S" shape as you wrap the lights around the branch. This technique adds depth to the lighting display.

    3. Close to the Trunk: For added depth and dimension, push the string lights closer to the tree trunk as you proceed.

    4. Branch-by-Branch: Repeat the process on each branch, moving from the bottom to the top, until your tree is bathed in a captivating horizontal glow.

      Method 3: Hanging Tree Lights by Wrapping Branches

      The last method we have for you today is to hang your blinking Christmas tree lights by wrapping the branches. This technique is a unique one, yet one of our favorite ways to display string lights on a tree.

      How to hang your tree lights by wrapping branches:

      1. Prepare Long Strings: This method calls for longer light strings to ensure every part of the tree is brilliantly lit.

      2. Base to Branch: Start at the base of the tree, wrapping the lights around each branch from the inside out. This technique creates a radiant, multidimensional effect.

      3. Continual Wrapping: Keep wrapping the lights around each successive branch until the entire tree is adorned in a breathtaking display of lights.

        Whether you choose the vertical cascade, horizontal dance, or the charming wrapping of branches, each method offers a unique way to infuse your Christmas tree with festive brilliance. Remember, the key to success when hanging your tree lights is to lean into your creative side.

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